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How to clean a rug

Help keep you rug looking good and lasting longer with these simple rug cleaning tips:

Your rug is very good at collecting dust and dirt wherever it is located in your home. So you should regularly (at least once a month) give your rug a good shake or a light beating to loosen and remove any bits that have got in there. Ideally this needs two of you and should be done in a space that permits such as a garage and ideally not in the home!

Also it is advisable to vacuum the reverse of your rug too. You can use a conventional domestic upright vacuum or the suction adapter that nearly all modern vacuums now have, either (or both) will suffice. It is best to avoid delicate fringes and edges with your vacuum as you can often do more damage than good.

If you do have a spill or accident on your rug it is best to treat the area as soon as possible, ideally with a clean cotton cloth or kitchen towel. Blot the spill to take as much of the moisture out as you can, pressing down hard as less begins to show on your cloth or towel. Avoid rubbing as this can cause damaging and swirls once it has dried, leaving you with a bigger problem than before you started!

If you are not happy with the results of blotting and you want to use a carpet stain removal sprays then you do so at your own risk. We do not advise you use stain removers, if you choose to, always read the label as test an inconspicuous area first before proceeding to the stained area.

If you are insure how to clean your rug always seek professional advice or contact us for rug cleaning prices.

Do it yourself rug cleaning

To try and keep you rug in a healthy condition and to help prolong it life, regular cleaning is essential, however you can also undertake simple tasks at home to help your rug

  • Why not rotate your rug regularly to encourage even wear and soiling.
  • Try moving your rug in to different rooms if the space allows. By doing this the rug is subject to varying levels of use and foot traffic.
  • Failing that you could make simple alterations in the room the rug is located to allow a change in foot traffic your rug is subject to.

If you need to transport or move you rug, always try to roll your rug and not fold it as this can cause creases in your rug which are difficult to remove.

It is inevitable your rug will get dirty and the only way to get it cleaned correctly is by using a professional rug cleaner such as www.cleanmyrug.co.uk

If you need any further advice or information regarding keeping your rug clean please contact us on 01200 426516 or email enquiry@cleanmyrug.co.uk